AlcoChange is a novel digital therapeutic solution that includes a digital breathalyser with the interventions delivered through the app. The breathalyser is a simple and effective visual tool for keeping track of one’s own alcohol consumption and behavioural outcomes. Bluetooth or a USB cable can be used to connect the breathalyser to the app.AlcoChange provides setup assistance and instructions to set up the digital breathalyser and take the breath check.AlcoChange makes it simple for the patient to connect the breathalyser and blow into the breathalyser correctly in order to determine their BAC level by using visual cues. Breathalyser reminders are also displayed periodically throughout the therapy to allow patients to self-regulate their alcohol use and abstention.

Fuel Cell Sensor:

The AlcoChange Digital Breathalysers are designed using fuel cell sensors for highly accurate results. It is UKCA certified, made to be simple to use and store even when intoxicated, and quick to connect and warm up even when used for a prolonged period of time. Fuel cell sensors provide long-term reliability, accurate, and consistent results. Fuel cell sensors typically have an average life of 5-7 years, so we advise recalibrating the equipment after 1,000 blows or 12 months of reasonable use.