How it’s used

Digital Therapeutics using Behavioural Change Techniques

AlcoChange is a digital therapeutic system that uses digital interventions to change behaviour in ARLD patients, resulting in increased engagement and increased abstinence rates . AlcoChange delivers personalised Digital Behavioural Change Notifications (DBCNs) using major behavioural change techniques (BCTs) derived from evidence-based-research . AlcoChange digitally delivers appropriate interventions using the right combination of behavioural techniques.

With the help of this method, it is possible to identify the DBCI’s active components (i.e., the interventions that are most important for enhancing and bringing about sustained behaviour change) and ultimately to establish a dose-response relationship between the DBCI and the desired goal.

Studies show that people are motivated by different types of goals.Goals and action plans that are chosen by the user typically result in a higher commitment to goal completion than those that are provided externally.Personalised engagement techniques like pictures, messages, and time/location-based notifications also result in greater commitment. The strategy adopted by AlcoChange focuses on behavioural change through continuous involvement during the course of therapy and the personalization of BCNs based on patient progress and engagement.

AlcoChange works around 6 major behavioural change technique categories.

  • Goal Setting
  • Self-monitoring of behaviour outcomes
  • Use of Prompts and Cues
  • Reinforcement and Motivation
  • Restructuring the Physical and Social Environments
  • Social Support

The AlcoChange Digital Breathalyser is integrated with the AlcoChange app to monitor and track the drinking habits of the patients.
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